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Bodø BEAT 2024    •    COLLABORATION

This year, Bodø will host the northernmost European Capital of Culture in history, placing the title in the Arctic for the first time. The entire region of Nordland is involved in the European Capitals of Culture project, under the title “Arcticulation”. It is a great inspiration for us to join this special occasion for the city and make sure there is something rhythmical to experience for visitors and local audiences.

This special year also determined the theme of this year's Bodø BEAT - COLLABORATION. Collaborative partnerships can occur at various stages of the creative process, and it is one of the most significant creative forces driving music today. As an artist, it’s essential to understand the value of musical collaboration and the advantages this skill offers. As a result, we decided not to compete with the culturally intensive period for the city of Bodø, but on the contrary, to seek a common denominator, looking for mutual links, connections leading to an overall goal. Musical collaboration is a crucial skill all musicians should consider. Collaborating with other creatives has numerous benefits. It can help develop musical knowledge, expand partnership, boost exposure, open opportunities, and advance one's career in the music industry. The result of this collaboration is something greater than the sum of each individual's contribution. It also strengthens the experience of self-esteem and community. 

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